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New Space MMO - Play Fun Games

We are back with our newest space multiplayer online game.

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Improved Graphics Performance & GamePlay

We have updated our engine and improved tons of in game graphics.

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Play Fun Games

Let's Play Fun Games in the arena.! This is a flawless keen games redirection in light of a champion amongst the most understood amusements on the planet of games. In this squalid diversion you can make almost anything happen just with a flick of your fingers.
There are no limitations with Fun Games and everything is 100% raw and entertaining. Join the universe of countless players and start experiencing the most sensible and genuine battle royale you've never had. Start off by making your character and joining a natural game space of thousands of other online multiplayers. Have the most tough as nails fight you can ever imagine including: use of various interstellar weapons, space pods, light saber swords etc. There are multiple small space maps and planet maps which you can play on. Either you choose the map or you will be selected randomly on any of the map. You can also choose custom matches, there is a quick match option and a full battle arena type combo.

We've put a few hours into working up the most sensible and genuine MMO develop redirection out regarding the market today. Play Fun Games expands current norms with stunning and superb delineations to keep you ward and requesting extra. We are constantly working on the graphics and texture in the game. Many bugs also can be found in this beta phase so don't get upset just report back to us and we will look into it. We have updated many anti-cheating measures to keep our game away from hackers and clean as much as possible. We hope you enjoy our newest games in the series of fun games.
We will look forward for you to download our game for free and enjoy it with your friends and other people you like. Our game will soon come out of testing phase and go live worldwide. Currently it is in testing phase In North America and Europe.

Please do support us by downloading our game and playing. This gives us lot of motivation to keep on developing games like this and continue to work hard on our game in order to improve the quality. Please do read About Us also to know more.